Monday, 27 August 2018

Setting up the company

I am trialling using Google Classroom as our company 'Intranet' which means that our Managing Director can directly post tasks and announcements as well as allowing the children as the Team to contact him to ask questions.

It worked well today as they received an assignment from Jae (Managing Director) to come up with a new logo design for the company. Apparently it's been a while since this was updated so to keep the company fresh he would like them to submit logo design ideas. A discussion about what an Intranet was needed to happen outside of the story first.

What was priceless is that when one of the children asked where they were going to do these designs, another child piped up and said in our Creative Design and Thinking Portfolios...these are the books that they have been working in for MOTE so far for the pet sketches. It showed me that they are beginning to think inside the story.

We have five finished already and they felt really important uploading their designs to the 'Company Intranet'. Once a logo is decided on we can upload it as the Google Classroom image header.

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