Monday, 27 August 2018

Finding my feet

Well we have had an up and down couple of weeks due to school interruptions etc so we are not as far through as I'd hoped. Today we changed our program around and started the day with MOTE! This has been one of the biggest hurdles, trying to find a block of time where there are no children going out of class to different groups.

I have also had a few moments when I thought that I had gone about this wrong. Perhaps starting with the Animal Amusement Park photo wasn't the best place to start. I wondered for a while how I was going to move from that, to the company, then back to the Park. Hopefully this week will show me how this will go.

What is going well is the way in which we move in and out of our story. I decided to not go down the road of name tags and try to make it as organic as possible. Tim showed me that choosing my words carefully and carefully positioning myself within the space, I could show them that we are in role. So far this has been a success!

To help with being in role, I have set up a Hall of Fame and Notice board area using Science boards. This came about from a discussion about what a company needed to help show future clients what we were about. The children came up with a list of things that needed to be done so the 'secretary' (me) could set up. Unbeknown to them, I had preempted this and as part of what we did out of role, was talk about the difference between a domestic pet/animal and an animal we would find at an amusement park. They then chose a domestic pet to sketch. A selection of these were chosen and they were out aside ready for our Hall of Fame accompanied by thank you letters from previous clients.

I have borrowed a couple of pet cages and brought one of mine along too to set up as part of our company display and it will also be useful when we get to the Technology designing stage as they will have some real examples to investigate.

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