Friday, 10 August 2018

Here we go...

So I've started! I have to say I was a lot more nervous this time as I really wanted to get it right. I started by sitting on the floor with the kids and asked if I could tell them a story. This really hooked them in and they were eager to hear what I had to say.

I started with an exert from a 'newspaper article' which left was a bit of a teaser but got them asking lots of questions. I followed that up with a photo and used the questioning Tim demonstrated - what do the SEE etc. It worked so well.

One thing that was obvious was the theme I have chosen is well matched to the class. They are all very much into animals - big and small - and our Pet Transportation Company is perfect. They were really affected by the fact that two cheetah cubs are unwell and unhappy. The engagement is so high! I've realised my Mantles have been chosen without much thought to what the children would be interested in. Could be one of the reasons I've not been successful.

So after that we looked at other photos of animals from the story that were very sad looking and mostly caged. They responded to these in groups by re-creating a photo and including who/what else they think may have been in and around the area where the photographer was taking the photo. I took a long time deciding how to do thus and what it came down to was having them begin to think about the causes/reasons for the animals being in the state they were. TO do this they needed to think about contributing factors and what else was happening around the animals.

For the most part they got it and the photos they created showed lots of thought. The conversations beforehand were gold!

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