Friday, 10 August 2018

My context

My context is: An experienced pet transportation team are commissioned to collect and transfer a group of animals from a small Animal Amusement Park that has been forced to close due the owner being unable to continue to fund and care for the animals in the park. The owner is concerned about how the animals will respond to being transported and and that they are not hurt or distressed in the move to various zoos around the country.

The Amusement Park owner did what she could for the animals while they were in her care, but recently has found it very difficult to provide the highest quality of care the animals deserve. As a consequence some of the animals are reported to be ill, undernourished or injured so Animal Welfare will be shutting the amusement park down and want the animals to be moved to Zoo’s around the country to be cared for properly.

The pet transportation team have only dealt with small domestic pets in the past; however, they have an excellent reputation for the highest quiality of care for the  animals they have transported around the world and for unique cage designs that ensure each animal is comfortable and relaxed on their journey. They are well reknown for regular communication with the pet owners, many of which have used them several times over the years.

This will be a challenge for the team as they have not transported zoo animals before, so they will need to be creative in their design of cages and liaise with the park owner and zoos to ensure they are successful.

Let the fun begin!

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